I get so scared at night?

I get so scared at night? Topic: I get so scared at night?
July 21, 2019 / By Celandine

Question: i dont know why but im always afraid that somebody is going to come into my house or something like that. i dont know whether my imaginations playing tricks on me but sometimes when everyone else is asleep i hear bangs and stuff downstairs, and knocks on my window. im terrified of the dark, but if my dad gets up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or something he will come turn my light off, even if i tell him not to, and i always have to wait for him to leave before i can turn it back on, and i know its a short time, but i get quite scared in that short time. i was thinking about asking my parents if my dog can come upstairs and sleep in my bedroom with me, but my dog isnt allowed upstairs so theyd probably say no. if im home alone i will actually not leave my bedroom until somebody else comes in. im scared right now as i type this, but i always try to keep myself awake until i feel so tired i know id just fall asleep, which i know cant be healthy at all, because sometimes when i have to be up at 7am i dont get to sleep till around 3 or 4. this has only just started recently, a few months ago i wouldnt have these problems. i know this probably sounds stupid but.. thanks

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