Com surrogate stopped working?

Com surrogate stopped working? Topic: Com surrogate stopped working?
July 21, 2019 / By Cedar

Question: I have a bunch of videos in my PC in avi. format, but everytime i want to open my video folder in my vista running PC you see the green loading bar in the top and then the "com surrogate" stopped working pop up windows comes out, then says window looking for answer, how ever I'm able to play the video that I want to, but if i going or out or that folder the com surrogate screen comes out, it also thanks to that it do not let my cyberlink software works to burn DVD out my video. I google the answer, and i already update the lates codecs, i even did the (google link ) preferences in the advance tab and click off in the COM surrogate and still nothing, so i can not burn DVDs in my PC, any help please thanks Stenio

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