2000 Sahara - Automatic or Manual?

2000 Sahara - Automatic or Manual? Topic: 2000 Sahara - Automatic or Manual?
July 21, 2019 / By Caylin

Question: I am about to purchase my first Jeep! But I want to know - which is better for a 2000 Sahara: Automatic or Manual? I heard the automatics arent that great due to only having 3 gears, but I am interested in hearing what actual Jeep owners/enthusiasts have to say about it. Ive driven nothing but manuals since I began driving. In the Philadelphia area there is a lot of traffic so it is a pain to shift all the time. I am ready to get an automatic, but afraid Im going to miss stick. I was just wondering if there was an advantage to driving one over the other (besides the shifting/traffic aspect)

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