Plz help me understand my dreams?

Plz help me understand my dreams? Topic: Plz help me understand my dreams?
May 23, 2019 / By Catharine

Question: I have a lot of them tht I want to kno the meaning of but I'll only put a few: 1st dream-its raining and I hear ppls vocies but there's no one around me at all. I'm running and crying and the voices r saying its all ur fault and I saying no its not. I didn't do it. (btw-I'm running down a highway thts deserted) It goes from tht to me walking out of an abbandoned shop with my dog buddy on a lesh. its still raining. I run across the street and into the woods. I'm walking on a path thts rlly close to the edge of a cliff. its still raining. I see three girls. two r rlly young (5-7) and one looks my age. the one tht looks my age looks like my sisters best friend. they're all glowing almost like they're ghosts. I have to hold on to the trees cuz it starts to get slippery but the two young girls dont. the girl tht looks my age is holding onto a thin tree branch and telling the other girls to come back. I then realize tht buddy isn't with me. idk what happened to him. I look in the water below and the two girls r in it. the girl tht looks my age jumps into the water too. I slip but grab a branch just in time. they'r all saying come with us. X( then I woke up. 2nd dream-I'm floating in space and I look to my right. there's a boy with black hair tht looks rlly familiar but i've nvr seen him b4. I say I kno u and he says tht doesn't matter right now its time. then he grabs my arm and I see a giant red and black orb below me. we start to go towards it rlly fast and then I wake up. 3rd dream-I'm running down an empty road and I fall. the sky looks rlly gloomy btw. I look to my left I think and I see a haunted house. lol. so I stand up and walk over to it. I go up this ramp which is the entrance and then I'm crawling. I stop and say nvrmind its too dark. then I stand up and see a low broken window. I climb thro it. the haunted hous looks like an abandoned mansion on the inside. i pass a table and see me in the chair across from where I'm standing but realize its a mirror. then I go out the front door (tht i didn't kno was there) and try to shut it but the screen door wont shut. then I hear a guys voice and he says don't worry he'll(meaning the owner) take care of it. I walked over to the guy and he said why don't u stay with me until they get here. so (for some reason) I layed on top of him and ....idk how to say it....I guess half way went thro him. :( then a screen went up and some announcer guy said Danielle has joined the enemy. and the "good guys' i guess said something like oh man. lol. it was funny but weird. plz help. just answer the ones u can help on. :)

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