What do YOU think it's worth?

What do YOU think it's worth? Topic: What do YOU think it's worth?
July 21, 2019 / By Cassie

Question: I'm wanting to buy my Grandpa's Ranger off him. He doesn't know what it's worth, and I looked at bluebook and it said it's worth about $850 and I was going to offer him $1,000. Anyway, I'll list the pro's and con's and details and I want you to tell me what you think it's worth. I'm still going to offer $1,000 if you think it's worth less than that, I just want to know if $1,000 is too low though.... 1994 Ford Ranger Pro's Cold and Hot air work fine Cassette player (Back in the day it added value, don't know about now....) Radio Works fine Con's Tires are bald Interior is faded Fuel gauge and temp gauge are broken Steering needs realigned badly Rear view mirror needs glued back on Armrest is broken Other details 147,xxx miles on it. I helped him replace the left brake caliper, meaning the right one is likely to go out soon. The body is in great condition. However, the bed has a bunch of paint peeled and rust where the paint has peeled. There is some rust on the side mirrors. The tailgate has a small slice from where my Grandpa was cutting something with a saw and went into the tailgate. Windows are crank (which I prefer), but the driver side crank is about to come off. I was having trouble with turning the air/heat off when I hauled his trash for him. I had it set to off but it kept blowing. 4 liter engine with a Manual Transmission ( which I prefer straight shifts) My Uncle was the original owner, and he smoked a little in it. Needs new windshield wipers.

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