How can i become a race car driver?

How can i become a race car driver? Topic: How can i become a race car driver?
May 23, 2019 / By Carol

Question: I realize that this is all that I want to do now. I am really wishing that someone had gotten me started as a youngster in karts or something. I am just regretting not ever attempting to get into a ride. But now, I want to more than ever, in any way possible. I just want to have some kind of career in driving a race car/ truck. Even if doing such is not my full time job, in other words, having another job to make money and racing. I am 14 and have no experience other than driving the go karts, which I did pretty well at, at the arcades. I feel like it may be to late for anything to happen, but I refuse to accept this. I am not even aiming to become a Sprint Cup driver at all. Not a Nationwide driver either. The most I would want to become is a Camping World trucks driver, but that's more of an all time goal, and even that is sure to be difficult to get to. I would be happy with ARCA or ARCA Trucks, if that's the best I could do. So, do I have any chance at all of fulfilling my dream? How can I get started? There is a good amount of racing going on around here, with go kart tracks holding events for people my age, and late model races, such as one that's a few miles away happening on Sunday. Is it too late for me to start in karts? Because I am guessing that is where I would have to start to get started at all. Just what can I do? How can I get something going? Could I possibly make a team somehow with support from family and friends? Or could I join a team around here, and if so, how do I come in contact with some teams to be able to join? How much would it cost to either make a team or to be a part of a team? I just need to get started, so what are the possible ways to do it? Again, it would be simply amazing to make it to NASCAR at all, especially Sprint or Nationwide, starting from where I am now, so that is not even on the goal list (yet), I just want to be driving somewhere, maybe NASCAR trucks, if that, and if not, I would be very satisfied with a low-funded ARCA career, or even in the ARCA trucks. I am not looking to do it for the money at all. Just for the love of racing. How can I get here? Is it even possible at my age? What are my options at this point? Please help me out. Thanks.

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