Manual transmission modification?

Manual transmission modification? Topic: Manual transmission modification?
May 23, 2019 / By Carley

Question: I have a ford ZF five speed in an OBS powerstroke I would like to upgrade to an EF straight 10 but can't figure out how to mate the input shaft with the motor. So as a short term solution I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to remove the synchronizers on 2-5 leaving the 1st gear syncro to eleviate the need for a clutch brake. I'm not looking for opinions saying this is dumb or why would you not want synchronizers. Point is I enjoy floating my gears an I also find it hard to drive a synchronized transmission after being on the road in my kenworth for weeks. So I am constantly grinding the syncros in my zf 5 by simply forgetting I have to use the clutch. Maybe stupid but I like non sycronized transmissions it's just more fun to me. So any help on removing the syncros or upgrading to a non-sychronized transmission would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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