Erase & Reinstall...How to on my Dell Laptop?

Erase & Reinstall...How to on my Dell Laptop? Topic: Erase & Reinstall...How to on my Dell Laptop?
July 21, 2019 / By Carey

Question: I have a Dell Inspiron E1505. It's old and has some hard drive issues. I need a basic PC for work, and rather than buy a new one, I want to erase it completely and install the basics, and start over again. I have an external hard drive and the original Microsoft Office software disc. How do I go about backing-up what I want to, which is a very small amount of files maybe a folder or 2, wiping out the computer completely, then reinstalling the operating system, Microsoft office, a web browser, and my software for work? I'm not a PC genius, but do know a thing or two about them, just not how to do what I am asking. Please, can anyone who knows how to do this please explain to me? Thanks! Again, here's what I want to do: Back up a few files. Erase PC completely. Reinstall operating system (pretty sure I do NOT have a disc for that.) Reinstall Microsoft Office ( I DO have the disk for that) Install my work software ( Also have this on disk) I need internet explorer, too Thanks, again.

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