Ubuntu uninstall VERY IMPORTANT!!?

Ubuntu uninstall VERY IMPORTANT!!? Topic: Ubuntu uninstall VERY IMPORTANT!!?
July 21, 2019 / By Careen

Question: Hey, yesterday i asked if i can run windows 7 and linux on dual boot, just for try. And what/ if any dangers there where with it. I got about 8 answer, where people advised me to install ubuntu. I installed ubuntu but waiting to restart. When i woke up and turned on my computer, i had linux, without ANY of my very VERY important files. So here is the question, HOW THE **** DO I GET MY COMPUTER BACK TO MY WINDOWS 7!!! Ps: This is very VERY important as i have programs that ONLY run windows 7, and that i gotta use my computer TOMORROW for some very important. Btw i have not made a repair disc, as i just did what the guys told me to!!! Please help me!!!

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