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July 21, 2019 / By Cara

Question: I am a HUGE MEGA fan of Judy Garland's I know like EVERYTHING about her. But not so much like what time in the morning she got up, or what was her favorite pair of shoes. The most little fact I know about her is what brand of cigarettes she smoked which were Salems. But I know way more than that just of the top of my head. As A mater of a fact I am writing a biography of now, I am also taking my time with it as well. I am typing it in Microsoft Word. In I microsoft word page is like 4 regular book size pages right? I am aiming for a hundred page book in regular size pages. And twenty five microsoft pages: (100 divided by 4 equals twenty five so that's where I got the twenty five) I think I am capable of writing more than 25 pages, but I; not finished yet so I don't know. I also, believe me or not, and thirteen years old, and I am obsessed with Judy basically. I know that probably shocked a lot of people. So, if I had 100 pages, do you think I could get my bio published. or even try?

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