Please help me edit my college essay?

Please help me edit my college essay? Topic: Please help me edit my college essay?
May 23, 2019 / By Candice

Question: i know i haven't really finished the ending but i didn't want to keep going if people thought it was bad... Every year millions of seniors in high school try to find that perfect  essay topic for college, something that will blow the admission  officers away and make theirs stand out from the rest. That perfect  essay topic might make them go from a maybe to a yes. this year it was  the hardest thing for me, I didn't know where to start or what to  write about. I knew that I wanted my essay to be different, I wanted  to take a risk. Throughout the year I started about five different  essays but none of them sounded like me or captured what I wanted to  showcase about myself. I wanted to show the hardships and triumphs I  had in the past 17 years and how the different cultures I was  surrounded by made me into the person I am. How living in Japan and  watching my parents struggle making ends meat put the mentality into  my head that I needed to make something out of myself because I never  wanted to struggle like that. I would never wish the life I had upon  anyone, but ironically I'm thankful because it inspires me to work  hard everyday and when I feel like I can't do anymore I think of the  struggles I encountered when I was younger and push myself. In japan  I moved eleven times, I have moved around more then most people would in  their whole lives, i did this all in three years. At first when i started  moving around I complained, but after the first few times it just  seemed so normal that I didn’t even comment on the fact that we moved  around so much. We moved because we'd get kicked out for not being  able to pay the rent or because it started to get to expensive for us  so we had to downgrade. Being put through situations like that made me  a tough person. I don't take things to heart and I don't give up  easily. When I'm pushed down I stand up, brush myself off, and keep  going because to me quitting is not an option, quitting is just a step  in the wrong direction. One day when I was five I felt as though my  parents just got tired of working hard and not getting anything return for  their hard-work except problems so, we packed up the few things we had and got every penny we could get together and moved across  the country to the United States of America. Everything was different  to me; you didn't have to roll down your window to say “thank you” when  someone let you go, the books went what I thought was backwards, it  wasn't rude to keep your shoes inside the house, everything I seemed  to do was just not right. My life had just changed completely from one  second to another, it was almost as though life had done a few somersaults in the air and had landed on it's head.

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