Need help on my "98" F150?

Need help on my "98" F150? Topic: Need help on my "98" F150?
July 21, 2019 / By Camryn

Question: To be truthful, I have two questions? How do I get to the front turn signal bulbs to replace them? They are packed in a place hard to get too. Second question, I been pulled over for having a turn signal bulb out in the rear, and replaced them with LED bulbs that work fine, but flash too fast. Can I use a resistor to slow them down a bit? What resistor could I use on each side for this? 20w or something? What should the ohms be for this to stabilize the load? thanks for your help. It's just that LED's last much longer, and I can just forget about them once installed. They work great on my Mercury Villager with no problem at all going on two years.

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