Returning a car in Illinois?

Returning a car in Illinois? Topic: Returning a car in Illinois?
July 21, 2019 / By Cameo

Question: One Saturday, I test drove, inspected, negotiated for 5 hours and decided to purchase a V6 crossover SUV demo unit with about 4,500 miles on it somewhere in Illinois. After the paperwork was done, I drove the vehicle home. Didn't use the vehicle on Sunday, the next day, Monday on my way to work I decided to check under the hood out of curiosity, I discovered that they gave me a 2.4L instead of a V6 as originally inspected and negotiated. They basically pulled the old bait and switch trick on my. Who would have thought that a brand new car dealer would do such thing after the vehicle was already inspected and the paperwork signed. So I returned the vehicle the following Wednesday because there was a storm Tuesday prior. So I left the keys to the sales agent and left the vehicle on their lot and went home. The next day, they actually harassed me by frequently calling my home and work saying that they will tow the vehicle back to my home or office and they will let me pay the towing charges. When I was ignoring their calls for the past days they are luring me back by giving me a "better deal" (after harrassing me) only if I give them a voided paycheck and a copy of my pay stubs. I came to realize that they cannot file the loan because I did not give them any of the requirements which explains their sudden change of heart. When I returned the car to the dealer they told me that I cannot return it and that the only way they could change the vehicle is to trade me out of it thereby I will lose money. There is a "no cooling off" period in the contract and there is no buyer's remorse on purchase brand new vehicle in Illinois but I believe my case is fraud and not buyer's remorse. What is the best thing for me to do so that the dealer cannot screw up my credit? I believe the financing for the car hasn't or could not be filed because the dealer is desperately using a bait by offering me more discounts and lesser monthly payments if I turn in my proof of income requirements ASAP. Nothing on the paperwork says that the vehicle is a 2.4 or a V6. Secondly, they indicated on the buyer's order that the car is brand new and not a demo unit. Which is kind of impossible for them to justify since the odometer as well as the documents say that it already has 4,500 plus miles on it. By the way, demo units are considered as used units and should be indicated as such on the paperwork. These information among others, I believe are basis for fraud. It's really a shame that new car dealers pull of these kind of dirty tricks probably out of desperation caused by the bad economy. From where I come from, car agents/dealers give us the actual if not the exact same model that was test driven and inspected prior to the paperwork.

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