I have a agressive dog?

I have a agressive dog? Topic: I have a agressive dog?
May 23, 2019 / By Camellia

Question: Now i want another dog and i did find one and my dog always fought with my other dog...My dog was hit by a f**en "hit and run driver" in daylight going 60 miles and hour...anyway my question is i want another dog..what dog is the most nicest,laid back not hyper and pretty cool kind of dog? i heard golden retrievers To the person who said this I would not get another dog until you have a secure place where your dogs can not get out and get hit on the road. Is a thumbs down for me because they were not out in the road loose okey dokey you dont know the whole info.so to the ones who gave him thumbs up are pretty mean people whodont like animals...They both were on a leash and i got out to check my mail way down the road from where i live :) and that is the past anyway so why are you bring the past up...its over and done.I am talking NOW!!! so many people are so wierd :() LOL

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