Bios Update on a Soyo Motherboard?

Bios Update on a Soyo Motherboard? Topic: Bios Update on a Soyo Motherboard?
July 21, 2019 / By Caltha

Question: I have a Soyo P4x400 Dragon Lite motherboard and I need to update the bios. I can find nothing but pay sites that claim to have the update, but you won't find out if it's really true until after they are paid. Please DO NOT TELL ME TO GO TO THE MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITE! Soyo went out of business last year. I'm planning on getting a new computer next year, if I can afford it. But for now I would just like to see if a bios update will fix a few problems. So does anyone know where I can get an update? What is wrong with my computer is my problem. I just want a source for the bios update. Every time I find someplace that claims to have it either leads to a pay-site or a nonexistent soyo site. Anyone reading this, don't bother with, it is just another pay site.

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