I am married Muslim want to get divorce?

I am married Muslim want to get divorce? Topic: I am married Muslim want to get divorce?
May 23, 2019 / By Calanthia

Question: I am from bangalore n working in Dubai. I had been dating this american women from Dec 2008. we had not committed each other n we had been going along well n were good friends. but we knew that we had feelings for eachother. I liked her, but was not sure whether she liked me too. she knew that my parents were keen to get me married. but I wasn't ready n always refused to. meanwhile she got a job in Qatar n accepted it. just before going on vacation we both had a small fight n argument. so I thought it was over n move on from there. I came to India in July. my parents forced me to get married to this Muslim girl. I wasn't very keen n happy. my married life wasn't going well. we had difference of opinions n she was immature. we quarrel n argue each other. my 2 months vacations became hell. Meanwhile in August, while I was in India. my friend from U.S called me to let me know that she loves me desparately n realised her feelings towards me n wants to marry me. I was shocked. when I told her about me been married already to someone. she was heartbroken and upset. I came back to Dubai in August. she flew from Qatar to see me. we met n realised feelings for each other n we decided to get married. As my marraige wasn't going anywhere n it was miserable n hell. I wanted to get divorce from her. but I don't know what the procedures are to file divorce. I know my parents would not let this happen n oppose me n even I may not get my wife in india to get divorce on mutual settlement. therefore I need to know how I can go about. I don;t want to go to India. Also I don;t want my parents to know about it. I want to prepare all the necessary documents n then let them know so as to avoid any obstacles in getting it done. I was married to her in July 2009 as per Islamic Shariah. My marraige certificate was issued by WAKF Board in bangalore and attested/notary done by Home Department. I was trying to search online about divorce laws n I found that marraige has to be registered in the Registrars Office of ur district under Special Marraige Act. otherwise it will not be recognised by any other country. so does that mean the marraige certificate issued by WAKF board is not fully valid. kindly let me know.. if some attorney can help or suggest in this regard. As my girlfriend n me willing to get married in U.S after we get a divorce. Can someone suggest in view of Islamic Shariah how the divorce takes place n where u apply for n how to get the necessary documents for it to be recognised in U.S your suggestions and opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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