End of the world-ish dream?

End of the world-ish dream? Topic: End of the world-ish dream?
July 21, 2019 / By Bunny

Question: Alrite, so in my dream I was standing in huge crowd of hs studnets, in the front, and we were waiting for something. I t was really hot and dry, the environment was weird, it was like a small town kinda like a the town in house of wax, but not really. Then this guy starts talking and form what he says i get that mnay diff. hs have entered a science competition he's just on stage demonstrating them. Soon he says that one entry has nto showed up and then this other guy gives him a letter and he begins to read. At that point i look up into the sky, because its outrageously hot and the sun is HUGE! Well then then the guy on stage says that to see the last entry to look in the sky and so everyone else looks up. Then the sun begins to seep liquid. I don't kno what it is but it looks like oil, like when its mixed with something else and theres these little circles too. and then it becomes smoky and black. I suddenly get extremely mad and start cursing the heavens.............................. then i feel a drop in emotions and unlike in movies when the end of the world is near ppl start freaking out and run around yelling, everyone in my dream just becomes emotionless and walks arounf incredibly slowly. I'm super mad and begin walking w/ my 2 closest friends yelling because who's ever project that was, was" incredibly stupid for risking everything". Somehow both my friends are not next to ne walking and i've just become so pissed that im just walking franticly and then i walk rite in to a big black car............... inside the car is my friend, sitting in the drivers seat and he tells me to get in, so i do. And he's really aloof and non chalant about things and so he says "so yeah how about that?" and im still really pissed about the whole thingso then i start yelling at him. He can bea real big ****** but bcuz he used to like me he's always been super nice to me and so he doesant argue like he would have w. sumone else , instead he just hugs me and trys to calm me down. Then i start crying and yelling some more about how irresponsible they were and how dumb they are. Whne im done crying i sit up and say very solemnly "I just can't believe, that they've just doomed us all"....and that was it, Whe did all of that come from?!?!?! oh and ps my mind works like a movie, so just imagine all of that with diff camera angles and all sorts of effects and close-ups and junk Yes, I know its psycho sounding, that why i'm asking what it could possibly mean.

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