Hi, i have a computer...?

Hi, i have a computer...? Topic: Hi, i have a computer...?
July 21, 2019 / By Brittani

Question: it has recently crashed, my DELL computer(Windows xp media center, i think)so i took for repair, then guess what? in one month it breaks!!! i only play GUNZ(own by ijji) and then i take it repair again, and BAM! a week later it breaks down, its in repairs atm. its 2-3 yrs. old, is it time to buy a new one? AND NO LAPTOPS they fail imo. oh! btw i want intelligent answerers especially the real smart ones. alright it didnt work when i turned it on, when it was in the shop he changed the motherboard cus. he said it was about that. Its dual x64 is mac really better? oh and it had 1gig ram, nindiva, i think over 100gig storage year 2006 pc. and i usally just play games so i really just want a y/n to get a new pc but, when i turned it on it went to the "DELL" and froze, another prob. (after repair)when turn on it had the fans on and nothing else untill i turn it off.

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