What is backpacking gear/apparel lacking?

What is backpacking gear/apparel lacking? Topic: What is backpacking gear/apparel lacking?
July 21, 2019 / By Briar

Question: I'm an apparel design major and I'm currently working on designing some outdoor apparel for a project. By the way I mean for REAL backpacking, meaning not with a suitcase around Europe (no offense), I'm meaning in the woods carrying your tent kind of backpacking. I'm only been backpacking a couple of times but I go hiking on a regular basis and there's not much fashionable hiking gear out there. So my question for more experienced backpackers is what kind of apparel do you wish existed (it can also have functional qualities too)? I found that when it would start raining it was a pain to take off my pack and then put my rain gear on and put my pack back on, so one piece I'm designing is something like a cape that you can easily throw on over yourself and your pack. Another item I'm working on is a jacket with a square on the back that you can unzip when you have a pack on and when you start to heat up going up a hill you don't have to take your pack off to take off the jacket. What else do you wish existed?

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