Would this fit in with the whole 'theme' of my room?

Would this fit in with the whole 'theme' of my room? Topic: Would this fit in with the whole 'theme' of my room?
July 21, 2019 / By Bree

Question: Im 13 (almost 14) and I'm redecorating my room. I'm painting it lavender with white baseboards / window and door frames. I have medium brown carpet (that was put in when the house was built - 30 years, ew) and I can't change it 'cause we rent and we're not allowed laminate or hardwood upstairs. Im painting all my furniture black (dresser, nightstand, bookshelf) and I'm buying a new black desk and the metal bad frame with the wheels on the bottom. I'm getting a white comforter and black sheets. Black pillow cases. 2 white decorative pillows and 1 black one.. I'm getting a black and white picture of marilyn monroe to hang on my wall. Ok. well there's no need to go on or you would be reading this forever. You get the point, it's lavenders walls and a black and white theme. It's not exactly paris themed but I'm going to get mini wire models of the eiffel tower. But currently I want to collect old records. Like, the vinyl records. But I'm not sure if it would go with my room :$ Like I was hoping to get an old Beatles, Elvis and Led Zeppelin vinyl record and hang just the records on my wall not the cover.. but I'm kinda nervous that it might clash with the rest of my things or ruin the theme. What do you think?

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