Landlord tenant laws...please help?

Landlord tenant laws...please help? Topic: Landlord tenant laws...please help?
July 21, 2019 / By Brandi

Question: I just moved into this new subdivision in from California I'ev been in Louisiana for five months...I know that they are supposed to have the key to get in ur house as the past i have had the apartment managers keys stolen out of the office but what my manager didn't know is that i had changed my locks when I moved in so I was the only one who was safe from a burgler or rapist or who ever stole the entire apartments complex keys ( I change my locks every time i move into a new place so I can sleep at night I am a single woman and live alone)...I know the laws are different in La but the the thing is in this particular area they require inspections on ur when I first got here I was told the days that they would come in to ur home to inspect and I told my landlord I wanted to be home when they were done and did not want anyone in my house when I wasn't there ( I have had problems in the past of nosy landlords going through my stuff and also the stolen key incident) well fast forward...Yesterday I was supposed to leave my fire extinguisher outside my door and I forgot when I left for work...I get home and there is a txt message on my phone from her saying she tried to get into my house to get the extinguisher. I was PISSED! I txt her back saying there was Nothing in the notice stating that she would have to go in my house to get the fire lucky for me I gave her a key that did not work on my doors...She told me she tried to get in to get the extinguisher but my keys did not work...I had a guest in my house and if she would have come in un announced he could have been doing anything! He was asleep I think at the time she attempted to come in...I told her I was pissed that she would have just come in my house un announced and she claims she had to get the extinguisher but the funny thing is the final inspection for all the units is in MARCH! so I think she just wanted to be nosy and come in my house...what recourse do I have to prevent this from happening? I feel my privacy is being invaded and Don't I have rights? SOME OF YOU ARE MISSING THE MAIN DETAIL I WAS SPEAKING OF...OK YES I CHANGED THE LOCKS BUT SHE WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN THAT IF SHE HAD NOT TRIED TO COME IN "WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME!!" SHE DID NOT TELL ME SHE WAS COMING IN!! DOESN'T SHE HAVE TO AT LEAST GIVE ME 24 HOURS NOTICE??!! DON'T I HAVE SOME RIGHTS!??

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