Military Justice Manual, Army Command Policy, and FM 6-22?

Military Justice Manual, Army Command Policy, and FM 6-22? Topic: Military Justice Manual, Army Command Policy, and FM 6-22?
July 21, 2019 / By Bernadine

Question: Okay. Its kind of a long story, and sounds a bit like how a Private would sound, but I have a feeling that my NCO's and my Soldiers in my squad are being treated a bit more unruly than they should be. Here goes. One the day of the range the formation prior to departure the soldiers in the squad had quite a few deficiencies on thier gear. Some were missing gear due to CIF issue problems, some had gear in the incorrect position, some had the wrong gear. Obviously a mis-communication in the NCO support channel. The SOP for battle rattle had be put out amongst the platoon a few months prior, however , had been changed, then changed again, then never reiterated. The SOP was not delivered to the junior NCO's to ensure that they were enforcing the standard. Needless to say, our e-6 was counseled on failure to follow instructions. That e-6 then proceeded to counsel his e-5's giving the failure to conduct PCC/PCI's with a corrective training of a full CIF layout the day of the counselling (1700) then they are required to wear their full battle rattle for 18 days as their duty uniform. The e-6 then proceeded to have the e-5's counsel the junior enlisted with the same corrective training. That brings me to my next point. in violation of AR 600-20 Ch4 para6 - army command policy corrective training may only be given until the standard is met, you should not impose a timeline. corrective training cannot be punative, such as excessive. must be fair so I decided to argue this issue with the timeline. all the slodiers in question are meeting the standard, at this point, but correctve training continues. I was then told by my PSG that it was that or give me an article 15, reduction in rank, based on just his own sworn statement, no witnesses or counselings on file. I was under the impression that NCO's per FM 6-22 Army Leadership, NCO's non-judicial punishment or corrective training should only be supervisory, not the same punishment as the junior enlisted. Basically I want to ensure that my soldiers are being treated fairly as well as my NCO's. I am not so much concerned about myself, but if Army Regulations are being violated, I don't want my name on the 4856 as the counselor. Please help...

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