Gosh, Im so confused. Help please!!?

Gosh, Im so confused. Help please!!? Topic: Gosh, Im so confused. Help please!!?
May 23, 2019 / By Bellinda

Question: I woudlent be asking if I had no clue. Please help me, and im sorry its so long. I like this guy named Matt. We are like best friends. We talk about everything. Everyone knows I like him. He also knows. We have hung out a few times outside of school and I even skipped drivers training one day for him. One day when we were at this restraunt with him& kinda my friend and me and him were sitting on the same side and he was against the wall and I was leaning against him facing the walkway. When we were sitting like that he put his arm all around me so it rested on my hip. We sat like that for like 2 or 3 hours. Then his friend ryan mentioned that we (me&matt) were going to be having sex in the backseat and he would videotape us lol. Matt was like oh yeah like we couldent see you taping us? then it got into a playful argument between them about it. Then I had to go and I hugged matt and said by to ryan. Everyday at school we talk to eachother too, im also friends with some of his friends. When we leave to go to our class we hug (this happens like 4 or 5 times a day). We also call eachother every day. Hes also suppost to be spening the night soon too. Everyone keeps saying he likes me but he hasnt asked me out yet. Hes also not in the slightest bit shy.

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