How do I switch from XP to Linux?

How do I switch from XP to Linux? Topic: How do I switch from XP to Linux?
July 21, 2019 / By Bell

Question: I have a virus and need to completely wipe my hard drive on my laptop. I have already moved anything important to my other computer and would like to use this computer to learn Linux. I want to COMPLETELY wipe Windows and use only Linux. I don't want to use a virtual site or CD to run it. How do I go about doing this? Which version of Linux do you recommend? Thanks, Computer God. I should maybe be more clear, though. :) I have my CDs for XP and two other computers that run it. For business reasons, I want to learn Linux and I have a laptop that is only a *fun* computer that I can play with. It having a virus offers me an opportunity to wipe it and install a new OS. I have the CDs to go back to XP at anytime. Thank you for your advice. Do you happen to know how to switch to Linux, though?

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