Spy-Shredder? Topic: Spy-Shredder?
July 21, 2019 / By Becca

Question: I have Spy-Shredder on my laptop computer and i can't get it off! I believe it entered as a Trojan horse along with other viruses, and i've used many anti-spyware programs, but it keeps coming! I'm using AVG anti-spyware (free version on the evaluation, Norton Internet Security (came with my laptop) , Avast!, and I even have Yahoo! spyware remover installed, but it won't come off! Anything else I could use to remove it forever? Also, there's a spyware that my remover can't get off because it says I don't have sufficient priviledges, even though i'm on my original admin account (the one I created upon startup). How should I remove it?

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