BMX Bike substitiution?

BMX Bike substitiution? Topic: BMX Bike substitiution?
July 21, 2019 / By Basemath

Question: Ok well (im using my moms email btw) i wanna start riding bmx bikes and doing the tricks and stuff. But i dont wanna get the BMX bike (like 200 bucks) before im sure ill like the sport. So i decided to use my Next 2g mountain bike, and i think it has aluminum too. Anyways i tried doing a bunny hop and i barely left the ground. Then i tried doing a manual, no dice. I even tried a nose manual and still no dice, the wheels just did not get off the floor. Now i know im not too skinny because im like 135ish so is it because the mountainbike is too heavy? Or am i just doing it wrong? i know its all about shifting weight accordingly, but it just doesnt work. The bike doesnt even show signs of getting of the floor........HELP ME! Meh..does it help that the bike weighs 30 pounds?

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