Are the British finally taking back Britain?

Are the British finally taking back Britain? Topic: Are the British finally taking back Britain?
July 21, 2019 / By Barbary

Question: Demonstration in Luton, British taking back their land, proclaiming they will "never surrender" to Islam. Have you ever seen a more postitive movement. The liberal media portrays it as "anti-islam", but those in the right know it is just people trying to keep Britian British, for EVERYONE living in Britain. Come to Britain, follow the rules. Innit? Keltoum, What I mean by "keeping Britain British" is that all people who voluntarily come to Britain must adopt British norms, and adapt themselves to their new lands, rather than expecting the nation to adapt to THEIR presence. It is too late for Britain to be racially homogeneous again, but that does not mean that those who come to Britain should be exempt from assimilating themselves, and creating little foreign ghettos where British rule of law does not apply. There must be no "no-go zones". Foreign students must be expected to follow the rules and regulations that apply to all students, no exceptions to accommodate anti social behaviour. No more grooming little British girls for sexual abuse. No taxi drivers telling passengers they can't bring alcohol into their cabs. No more bus drivers telling blind people they can't bring their guide-dogs on the bus because a moslem passenger might be disturbed by it. No more anti-British militants harassing returning soldiers And no m See, Keltoum, I guess your exposure to my postings has broadened your horizons. Just pullin' your leg. Even those with differences never disagree 100pc of the time. Cheers, Hoekom

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