Gigabyte motherboard, computer problems.?

Gigabyte motherboard, computer problems.? Topic: Gigabyte motherboard, computer problems.?
July 21, 2019 / By Ava

Question: I just built my first computer, Im using an AMD3 with a Gigabyte GA-MA77OT-UD3P motherboard installed in a standard case with sufficient power supply. Mouse, keyboard, and monitor, video card, all inside. Everything to the best of my knowledge is installed correctly, when I power on the system I get the following beeps, 1 Long, 1 Long, 1 Long, 1 kind of long-short, (which im assuming is short). Now currently there is no ram installed in the computer, Im not sure if that is the problem, but if it is thats an easy fix. Ive looked in the mobo's manual as well as online and found nothing relating to 3 Long 1 Short. Let me go triple check the beeps...yes 3 long 1 "kinda-long-short". Appreciate any help and 5 stars to whoever solves this problem! I wanna use my new computer!!!! TO DOUBLE CHECK AND CLARIFY, computer cannot boot up without RAM correct or incorrect?

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