Internet Connection HELP!!?

Internet Connection HELP!!? Topic: Internet Connection HELP!!?
July 21, 2019 / By Astra

Question: Ok. So I had a reeeeally bad virus on my computer, it deleted my registry, everything. So I re-installed my OS CD (XP PRO). Now i'm trying to connect it to the internet and I have a modem plugged in, with a USB cable connecting to the computer from the modem, and it still won't recognize the connection. HELP! Let me be more specific -- I completely wiped my computer. Nothing on it anymore. It wasn't the smartest move. Then I used a friend's un-opened XP cd to reload it. Everything works fine now, just no internet connection can be found. I have a modem set up to three other computers, 2 desktop and 1 laptop, and I have a cable connecting the wiped computer to the modem. I don't understand why but it can't see anything trying to connect. I've looked through the electronic manuals in the computer about setting up a network, and connecting to an existing one, but nothing works. I'm so frustrated! P.S. -- I don't know if this matters, but it is a Linksys Broadband Router.

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