I think my dad knows I'm gay...help?

I think my dad knows I'm gay...help? Topic: I think my dad knows I'm gay...help?
May 23, 2019 / By Ashley

Question: Firstly, I'm 24, not 14. Secondly, I'm actually bi-sexual. I guess you could say I'm a fairly normal person. College student (I took a break for two years), friends, family, active intellectual life. However, since I was sixteen I have found myself extremely attracted to effeminate/passive men, it goes without saying also to young woman as well. Early on this, naturally, lead to a lot of confusion. However, when I did my research I discovered I was bi-sexual, outed myself to my friends (who were not exactly overjoyed), and have kept it from my parents. I may be overreacting here, but, whenever I am with my parents and something related to homosexuality comes on TV or enters the conversation, I become immensely uncomfortable. I try not to make it obvious, but I always have extremely high levels of anxiety that I am giving myself away. The reason why I am writing this is because today, after breakfast, my self-absorbed sister started to talk about all her gay friends. I looked out the window (In angst), and my father (who is an idiot...well, actually not really) said "Did something about the last conversation make you ANGRY, son?". I was gone within 5 minutes, I was suppose to visit all morning, but I felt as though I had to get the hell out of there. Which probably only made things worse...:( So there it is, hey, heres a joke: "Hes so bind to the obvious, he can't even hide in a closet" get it! Also, my mother has asked me several times is I'm gay over the years...uhgggg! My question(s): Do you think they know? Has this happened to you before? If so what happened? What should I do? Much thanks!

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