Computer game question?

Computer game question? Topic: Computer game question?
July 21, 2019 / By Antoinette

Question: i have bought manhunt 2 video game for my laptop the entire install when great no issues but when i go to click on the launch game icon it does do anything ive tried reinstalling this updating my drivers updating my directx nothing is working my specs are over the actually game requirements below is my specs for my laptop and the specs the manhunt requires any idea on how i can get this game to work My laptop specs intel core duo 1.7ghz 2gb of ram 120gb hard drive Windows xp pro sp3 directx 9.0c graphics-intel 945 memory 224mb which means 256mb manhunt 2 system requirements Operating System: Windows XP (Home and Professional), SP1 or higher Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (1.7+ GHz), AMD Athlon 1800+ Memory: 512MB XP / 1GB Vista, 3.8GB Hard Drive Space Hard Drive: 4 GB Video Card (graphics): DirectX 9.0c Shader 2.0 Supported, 128 MB, Nvidia 6200 or Better, ATI Radeon x300 or Better Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compliant DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Peripherals: Keyboard and Mouse Required my manhunt 1 video game works has no issues why does this game ? even though mine is a laptop should matter because it has the specs it says pixel shader 2.0 supported but doesnt say its a requirement to run the game manhunt requires a certain video card and my computer still ran the game with my video card so i dont think it has to do with the video card

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