Auto insurance question - this is crazy!!!!?

Auto insurance question - this is crazy!!!!? Topic: Auto insurance question - this is crazy!!!!?
July 21, 2019 / By Anngela

Question: My husband and I have insurance through a nationally known firm. When my son got his drivers license (he is 17) our insurance doubled (I knew that would happen). He has since then had his license taken away for 6 months. When I called the insurance company to have him dropped from the policy they said there would be no reduction in our premium. I asked why and they said as long as he lives in our home it will stay that way. I said that is crazy, he HAS NO LICENSE!. They said as long as anyone lives in our home and has no auto insurance, they are an automatic risk for us, they may take one of our cars in an emergency situation. I have never heard of this. They said "Oh yes - if I came to live in your house and had no auto insurance, I would be a risk on your policy. I was like - well how would you know if someone lived in our house. Any advice? This is a Virginia policy. Sounds like we are being ripped off. $600 a month is too much for anyone!!

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