Pointless Safety Car Ruins Race ?

Pointless Safety Car Ruins Race ? Topic: Pointless Safety Car Ruins Race ?
July 21, 2019 / By Annemarie

Question: Why was the safety car even deployed then, it was a pointless safety car and its just turn the world championship on its head. Why do the race directors constantly destroy races with stupid decisions ? The car in question was not even affecting the race, the fire was out and it was no where near the racing line, instead they bring in the safety car and when every pitted why was the red light on ? It seems they only put this light on to catch out the drivers no sooner had Lewis hit the back of kimi the red light went out so was tht another stupid pointless decision to have the red light on, when by the time they rejoined they would have quite easily been behind the back cars. What do you think about tht ? Its a slight rant as i am a Lewis Hamilton fan and he had this in the bag if not for that safety car but i do admit it was a silly mistake by him and is his fault....but still that red light should not have been on.

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