A question about police reports and confidentiallity?

A question about police reports and confidentiallity? Topic: A question about police reports and confidentiallity?
June 24, 2019 / By Drake

Question: I gave my phone number to my local police department after an incident at my house. I asked them why the needed it and after they had no reply. I asked them if they would need it in regards to the incident. They said yes, and I asked them if they would give it out to anyone. They told me it was confidently and they don't give out that information to anyone. Then today I got called by a 3rd party about something else and they said the police gave out my number. Is there someone I can report this police department to for giving out my information that they told was confidently? P.S. Its not the officers that gave out the information, it was the police department. So filing a complaint against who I gave my information to would be nice. It won't get to the source of the problem. I know this in relation to the 3rd party that called me and the reason for that they called. Willy Bob, my response to you is "halright" The 3rd party was the village that the police department resides in. The reason why I am not happy about this because long story short the police hates me and my brother and they are trying to get my house condemed because its a bit messy. So If I can't get the police department in trouble in a leagal sense. I will find other ways to mess them over as my brother has. And no, I am not full of it. I got out of a no registered plates charge by being creative and making threats that they gave in on because they have no balls. Lol, police don't hate me. You obviously have no idea what situation I am in. I am not even going to explain it, I don't have time to tell my life story. I am not saying all the police from that department hate us. Just most of them. Just to give you one thing to prove that they hate us. The a cop gave my brother a ticket for speeding when he wasn't. My brothers lawyer talked to the cop before the court hearing and the cop was going to lie in court about what happened because he was not speeding. Thats how much they hate me and my brother. He is willing to risk his job to give him a ticket. So in repsonse to that. My brother did "public" safety by warning drivers to slow down and drive better where the cops would sit for speeders and D.U.I. drivers along there main street in the town. And after that they asked for a truce because it would cost them thouands of dollars in revenue. And they let me off the ticket as part of the truce. Well anyways the truce is off now.

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