Why am I getting a slow download speed?

Why am I getting a slow download speed? Topic: Why am I getting a slow download speed?
June 18, 2019 / By Jessika

Question: so this isn't your normal question... im paying for a 1MB/s download speed connection through direcpath (satellite) when I go to dslreports.com it registers in usually around 900-950 kb/s but when downloading anything online (p2p, web browser, download manager, even updates from windows) im only getting a max of 120kb/s ive had the modem reset several times... called to ask about it, they cant find anything to tell me.... does anyone know how to explain whats going on? oh well im sure its not my computer or other hardware as its a fairly new quad core pavilion with 8gbs of ram and ive seen speeds up to 5-6mb/s on other networks and up to 2.5mb/s from this very setup just for a few seconds after they 'reset' my modem parameters from the customer services location... so im going to try what daniel wrote and ill get right back to you guys! thanks for the help and suggestions! okay so I researched a short bit, and as I have windows 7 64bit, I don't have any access or options for gpedit... could find out whether there was another way for me to gain access to this through something else or not, but im assuming not.... if there's any other suggestions, im wide open...

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