Losing 10lbs by Sept...?

Losing 10lbs by Sept...? Topic: Losing 10lbs by Sept...?
June 19, 2019 / By Cadence

Question: Possible??? I'm 16.5'8.160lbs. 16.67% Body Fat BMI=24.32 Exercises: 20 minute walk in the morning(occasionally jog) 40 minute light swimming in the afternoon(freestyle laps) 20 minute walk at night Depending on my mood I sometime bike around the neighborhood for about 15-20min in the afternoon. I eat a bowl of cereal in the morning.(Cinnamon Toast Crunch) I sometimes skip lunch.(normally if i'm hungry or not)When I do I normally have a microwave burrito AND/OR small microwave pizza. For Dinner its a regular meal. No "snacks","sweets",and deserts. Finally some kind of fruit normally a apple late night. Drinks: Water Lemonade Yeah I figure I'm going to cut down on either the burrito and pizza.Also I'm switching to a different cereal in the morning thx guys.

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