Please help my pokemon heart gold team??!onix?

Please help my pokemon heart gold team??!onix? Topic: Please help my pokemon heart gold team??!onix?
June 19, 2019 / By Bailey

Question: So im up to lance and he beat me after i beat his gyrados and dragonite. So now what should i do. Here are the pokemon in my team and moves:: Ho-Oh lv 51- Extrasensory, punishment, sacred fire, fire blast Feraligatr lv 41-waterfall, blizzard, hydro cannon, surf Pidgeot lv 40-twister, fly, roost, wing attack electabuzz lv 52- rock smash, thunderbolt, thunder punch, discharge Haunter lv 32 <- <- <- this pokemon is for catching Entei and raioku----Hypnosis, shadow ball, mean look, payback Gyrados- dragon rage ,whirpool, strength, ice fang Should i replace them with anybody from my PC? PC::: Ponyta magmar sandshrew machop togepi pidgey geodude quagsire sudowoodo raticate onix oddish wooper golbat farfetch'd evee sunkren nidoran(m) kadabra doudo slowpoke sandslash gligar dratini donphan herracross drowzee hoothoot PLEASE HELP ME what should i change about this team and what should be the final moveset of the fixed team to KICK SOME LANCE ***!!! Also-- MUCH APPRECIATED-- please give a rating of both the current team and the final fixed team. Thank You :) :) NOTE__--Gyrados is a level 34

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