June 19, 2019 / By Zibia

Question: Hi. I'm not too happy right now. I just got a 62 on a math test and have been bringing home 60s and 70s ever since I entered this math class. If you are a normal person who cares about education and knows how I'm feeling, you'll listen. These tests I have been bringing home, as I told you above, have not been all too good. And my parents blame it all on me. Well, it's not me. It's my math teacher. She doesn't know how to teach. She spends all class fooling around with the new Smart Board and never, ever explains stuff that my classmates and I bring up in class. Mrs. xxxxxxx, how do we solve this inequality? "I'll tell you later. I'm trying to fix the Smart Board." Mrs. xxxxxxx, how do we work out this problem? "Look on your worksheet." Mrs. xxxxxxx, how do I substitute a number for a variable? "Do what you did before." How the hell am I supposed to deal with this. All of my classmates and I feel the same way and I really need some input from the outside world here because nobody believes me or any of my classmates about this. Not even parents. I even took the time to make a sort of petition, getting kids to sign if they think "Mrs. xxxxxxx does not explain our material and we feel that her class is of no benefit to us because when we ask her to go over material she shrugs us off. We also feel that our bad grades are her fault because she doesn't explain anything" I showed the petition (about 25 kids signed it) to my parents, who also SHRUGGED ME OFF. They didn't care one bit that I spent the extra time to get this petition signed. And I have been telling them the same thing ever since I brought home my first flunked test. Mrs. xxxxxxx does not explain. Mrs. xxxxxxx expects us to learn from the homework and only the homework because she's to obsessed with her smart board to care. And they say it's not her fault and that I should ask her in class. Well, mom and dad, when I ask her what to do in class, she doesn't explain and goes off to screw around more with her smart board. "Go for extra help." I have already tried that a few times and I get nothing out of it. She pays just the tiniest bit more of attention to me when I stay after but it's still a lost cause because she doesn't teach me how to do things. Just makes me do my homework instead. My other classmates agree with me completely and I am posting this question as sort of a SOS from my whole math class (8th grade basic algebra.) We really need some advice on what to do as almost everyone in my class has a C or below. And we're tired of not making honor roll because we damn well deserve to be . We work hard to try and understand what she gives us and we can't because the teacher is too involved in other things to care about her class. I am considering going to my principal but he won't do anything about it either. He lets way too much stuff go, and acts like an 11 year old. Nobody likes him either because he shrugs people off, too. What do you know. He won't care at all. Nobody in my life but my classmates seem to care about the situation at hand. My parents, who are starting to show a little bit of support (my dad went over the last flunked test with me), sent her an email a few WEEKS ago and she never responded. I asked the teacher what the deal is with this class and why aren't we learning anything. She said "that's your problem not mine." Well my classmates and I are to the point where we want to just kill this teacher. She is a complete disgrace to my school and everyone hates her because she just doesn't care. And nobody in my life but my classmates realizes how I'm feeling and nobody has done the tiniest thing about it. Now my parents are thinking about making me stay home while all of my friends go up to Michigan for a week. I was supposed to go with them. My parents are also considering not letting me go to a private high school that I recently applied to and was accepted, just because of this issue with math. All of my other classes are fine. A's and B's. What should I do about this issue and about my teacher?

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