Can i use linux off the cd?

Can i use linux off the cd? Topic: Can i use linux off the cd?
June 18, 2019 / By Bette

Question: so ive been hearing about Linux being good... ive always wanted to try it out but i never had the Balls to actually downloading having known no one who has it or uses it i was afraid... so i am going to install it soon .... but for now i only have 1 hard drive i have just completely Wiped my HD ... my computer specs are AMD 64(tm) 3200+ ASUS Motherboard 2.8GHZ (not over clocked) 80gig Internal HD 2.0gigs of DDR RAM 128mb Nvdia Gforce (idk the numbers for it) only bad part is my graphics card so i was wondering i requested a CD of Linux be sent to my house...but since i already have windows XP home edition on my computer which i am installing as we speak i was just wondering .... what should i go with should i download Linux or wait for the CD... cause ive been hearing a lot lately that you can run Linux off of the CD if you boot it up from the CD ... and just run it off the CD... is this a myth? if this is true should i just wait and is my computer good enough to run Linux also if my computer can run Linux ... well do you recommend gaming on it more on a windows XP or a Linux.... just give me ALL ur feedback

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