Why is my download speed so slow?

Why is my download speed so slow? Topic: Why is my download speed so slow?
June 18, 2019 / By Chelle

Question: Okay the reason I'm asking why my speed is so slow is because my net is normally rather fast, when uploading web pages or what not, or even playing online games. However my download speed is REALLY slow. 45KB/S. I have verizon broadband DSL. If anyone knows how I can improve my speed or what the problem is, I'd really appreciate it, thanks. Edit: Its definatley not my connection, my connection is way quicker than most people I know. Yet their downloads take approximatley an hour and a half, mine reached 10 hours. I'm gonna take the suggestion of checking my computer for errors, that may be it. But if that was the problem wouldnt my whole net be slow (Not just my downloads?)

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