Is he acting too immature?

Is he acting too immature? Topic: Is he acting too immature?
June 18, 2019 / By Maverick

Question: i've been w/my bf for almost 5 year now. we've officially lived together since Feb. I'm 30, he's 31 and we raise my 3 daughters from a previous marriage that we have part time. where we live, it's been very hot lately (110 today) and the a/c in my car doesn't work on the driver's side. I have to park my car on our driveway b/c there is stuff we need to store on my side of the garage. a while back, my bf started letting me use his car since the a/c works fine in it and he parks in the garage. he told me that anytime he was home and I wanted to use the car that I could as long as he wasn't going anywhere. he works night shift (from 8p-7a) so on the weekends we have the kids, I have to take them somewhere so my bf can sleep during the day. Today I decided to take them to the public pool since it was so hot. when I asked to use the car, my bf got all pissy and told me no. when I asked why his reply was "because it's my car, you have a car and I don't want my car being all hot when I go to get in it for work." the pool closes at 5p so the car would be back in the garage 3 HOURS before he even had to work. he then had the nerve after that to ask me to make him some lunch!! my reply to that was "no, make your own damn lunch." and I went to leave. he stopped me as I was walking out the door, telling me that his car was going to get hot sitting in the sun for hours at the pool. I said mine would do the same thing and he tried to tell me that this would make it harder for his to cool off. I then pointed out to him that at least his a/c worked-he then slammed the garage door leading to the house in my face so I left. he called 30 mins later to apologize but I ignored him. when I got home, he was overly apologetic and said he was a jerk. I accepted the apology but was still mad at how selfish he acted towards not only me but the kids too. I was nice to him but kept my distance and didn't talk much. he got mad at me again!! said that I had no right to still be upset w/him when he'd apologized. I said he couldn't just snap his fingers and make my hurt feeling go away. he ate dinner, took his shower, and then hugged me and said goodbye (didn't kiss me which is something he always does) and left for work. I feel like he's acting like an overgrown baby!! he treated me horribly today-he has NO idea how it feels to get into a hot car (when it's 110 outside) after it's been sitting for several hours then drive it w/no a/c working!! and I left so HE could sleep!! how do I make it clear to him (without being b&tchy) that he can't act selfish then expect me just to ignore it?!! and am I right in thinking he's acting childish? for Opetke (sorry for spelling) JUST b/c i'm not married to this guy does NOT mean I have to take whatever inappropriate or rude behavior he shells out!! he CHOSE to accept me and my kids in his life-that means helping me out when I need it and sticking to things he offers. I hate it when men think that just b/c we single moms are in their lives-we automatically have to kiss the ground they walk on b/c they chose to date us-you're WRONG... xanadu-I tried buying a new car 2 months ago but he got mad at me and threatened to leave me if I didnt take it back-he said there was no need for me to get a new car when he knew how to fix mine-he has yet to figure out what it wrong with my a/c and won't allow me to take it somewhere to get it fixed....

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