For CNAs have you ever noticed....?

For CNAs have you ever noticed....? Topic: For CNAs have you ever noticed....?
June 19, 2019 / By Darien

Question: That in a health care facility of any kind that you are the ones doing all of the work? Even in hospitals with primary care. Where the nurses have 4 patients maybe. The CNA is still doing most of the one on one care and the nurse is getting the credit while a lot of them are sitting reading magazines when they can as the CNA does the work. Have you noticed that when they are short a CNA the other aids are the ones that compensate and they do there best to keep the nurses from doing any manual labor? Have you noticed how many nurses really try not to touch bodily fluids and push it off to the aids that are probably making just enough to survive and can not afford their medical insurance. My question is, does having a degree give you the right to exploit and take advantage of others? Also what is your opinion on making laws that only licensed nurses can touch bodily fluids because of the safety hazards they carry? Also what do you think about making laws that take nurses out of the law making process since nursing is geared to favor the nurse and make the aids miserable. That is human nature so should the laws be made by someone that is non bias? well Fin if you had one why are you trolling yahoo answers?

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