Some One Tried to Break In...What Now?

Some One Tried to Break In...What Now? Topic: Some One Tried to Break In...What Now?
June 23, 2019 / By Concordia

Question: Sorry for the catergory, i couldnt find a good spot, so saftey worked for me. So yesterday i went to get licenses plates ((about an hour away)) and when i came home the front window had been opened and the screen was removed, and put back up very sloppy. When i got in the house to check things, the lamp under the window was knocked over, but nothing in the house was missing so this wasn't reported. Well all last night (this happened in the middle of the day, of course out in the country BY NOTHING ELSE) and today i have been so scared. I don't want to leave the house because i don't want them to come back, but i also don't want to stay in case they're dangerous. Im 20, i live alone with my sister who is 15, and 5 dogs. I think that the dogs might've scared them off this time, but i also think that they knew I was not home, and/or that my sister is out of town for the week. What can I do to calm my fears?

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