Google/ig and Youtube not working, also Google URL links?

Google/ig and Youtube not working, also Google URL links? Topic: Google/ig and Youtube not working, also Google URL links?
June 18, 2019 / By Abia

Question: A few days ago, I noticed that any Google URL I click takes me to the actual link, but the URL is either an IP address, or a different site all together. The redirect urls have ranged, but currently "buffpuma" is the site. Now today, I get redirected to a different ad site all together. Yahoo and other search engines work fine, google is the only issue. I'm thinking I have the Google-redirect Virus, but I can't seem to get rid of it, and don't know where it came from. My homepage is but that shows a 404 not found page, and youtube, which is linked to my google account is also "not found". I have ran: Spybot S&D, Housecall, Malewarebytes, Superanti Spyware, Avira, and Eset which some have found nothing, while others have detected virus and supposedly removed them. After the reboot, nothing has changed. I've tried countless things, and websites, but nothing has worked. I really don't know what else to do, the known virus for the Google-redirect has specific c>windows>system32 files and in the device manager as well, but my system doesn't, but the "symptoms" are the same. Help, please? So I ran TDSSKiller, had that fix the issues and then ran Ad-Aware and after, redid both scans the second Ad-Aware scan told me I had to re-boot, which I did. During the start up it showed a screen telling me that it was deleting something in one of the directory folders. Now everything looks fine, youtube, google/ig and google search. I am going to re-scan both, but Ad-Aware and TDSSKiller surely did the thing for me. So today I noticed the virus is back. I'm really mad and confused, nothing has worked at all.

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