Teen survey?????????????????

Teen survey????????????????? Topic: Teen survey?????????????????
June 19, 2019 / By Merrill

Question: 1. whats your name? (optional) 2. how old are you? 3. what grade are you in/going in 4. do you like school? 5. can you drive? what kind of car do you have? 6. what kind of grades do you get? 7. what kind of classes are you in? 8. what kind of music do you listen to? 9. what clique are you in? 10. describe your style? 11. name 5 of your favorite bands 12. name 5 of your favorite songs 13. favorite tv shows 14. favorite movie? 15. what kind of computer do you have 16. do you have a tv in your room, flat screen? 17. how tall are you? 18. do you consider yourself good looking? 19. what color eyes do you have? 20. what color skin do you have? 21. what color hair do you have? 22. what style hair do you have? 23. what kind of phone do you have? 24. what kind of ipod do you have? 25. favorite sport? 26. do you consider yourself a loner? 27. how many gfs have you had? 28. have you lost your virginity? 29. do you consider yourself rich,average,or poor? 30. are you fit? 31. how much do you weigh? 32. do you have acne? 33. do you have braces? 34. did you like this survey?

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