I am acting very strange?

I am acting very strange? Topic: I am acting very strange?
June 18, 2019 / By Apollyon

Question: I can't afford going to the psychologist, I think I am crazy. Here is what happen to me. -When i dramatically move the shower curtain, I think something will be standing there. -I also think my friends make plans and purposely exclude me from them. -I'm scared to open my eyes in the dark because I think I might see a ghost. -I think everyone can read my thoughts, so every time I talk to someone, i calmly think "I know you can hear me. Please forgive me, I am obsessive and I will probably have inappropriate thoughts". -In the morning, no matter how much it hurts my eyes, when I go into the bathroom and turn the lights on, i have to look in the mirror, because if I don't, the next time i look in it, there'll be something like a dead person/demon there. - The only reason anyone talks to me or wants to hang out is because they feel sorry for me. - Before I go to sleep I make sure all the doors and windows are closed so the evil doesn't get me. - When a woman laughs or whispers something to the ear of someone else, I think is because me - I think my female friends all think I'm really quite revolting as a possible romantic partner. -in my mind i shout I KNOW YOU'RE READING MY MIND just in case someones reading my mind. also at night if i leave my room, i shout I SEE YOU! YOU'RE NOT SNEAKY! just in case theres someone in the dark. - When I hear people laughing I always think they are laughing about me. - I always pour cans of soda/juice/beer/whatever into a glass so I can clearly see the liquid I'm about to drink -Everytime I open the curtains / blinds to a window I'll see That guy from the Strangers there -My pictures and adress will be put all over the internet and a mass orgy of naked women will suffocate me -I always think my classmates trying to google me online so I google myself every day and remove any traces of myself. -I check my backpack in school because I think someone will put something on it or take something out. - I think my female friends all think I'm really quite revolting as a possible romantic partner. -I think everyone knows that I am lying when I am lying. They will eventually and passive-aggressively punish me for it. -I unplug my computer every night because I am afraid that it will catch on fire. -Every time when I turn in a multiple choice test, I have the feeling that I missed some questions or put the answers all in wrong order. -Most of the time when I am going to sleep, I look at the door in case nobody is peeking at me creeply. Same thing goes for taking a shower.

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