Why are cars so heavy?

Why are cars so heavy? Topic: Why are cars so heavy?
June 19, 2019 / By Wren

Question: like for instance the 2013 mercedes c63 amg, a c class benz curb weight is about 3814 pounds. i mean how, ok lets say the engine weighs like 200-400 pounds. that means the rest of the car weighs at about 3500 pounds or so, ok gasoline is heavy so we can add like 75-100 more pounds for a full tank of gas, that still leaves over 3000 pounds, how heavy is the car frame itself? and do most of the parts they use for cars not just the c63 cast iron/aluminum? what about the frame, is it usually a cast steel? and the frame parts like the doors, roof, trunk, front hood. exhaust system. even the 2013 toyota camry seems heavy at 3100 pounds. if i wanted to build a car i would make almost every part out of forged steel/carbon fiber but i guess that would cost like double the price, i would still do so, if anything people will like the idea since the car will be somewhat more reliable. i wouldnt make necesarrily a camry lighter with 5000 dollars of carbon fiber, but if you buy a 100,000 dollar car it would make more sense, since your rich anyways money shouldnt matter. im not sure why most people dont do it (millionaires or billionaires, i think its usually that they dont care, or dont want the attention, but i certainly would do it, why not? and wow the amg engine weighs in at about 700 pounds? i wish they still made 2 stroke cars, imagine how much lighter a 6.2 liter 8 cylinder 2 stroke engine would be.

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