Weird entities in my room (possibly), help please?

Weird entities in my room (possibly), help please? Topic: Weird entities in my room (possibly), help please?
June 19, 2019 / By Lesleigh

Question: For months Ive been seeing these white lights and black shadows hovering in my room close to the ceiling and traveling towards my window. The white orb never use to come close to me until 2 nights ago where its came reallly close and the shadow will always hover lower than the orb. Sometimes they both appear at the same time and appear to be chasing each other and then disappear by my window within the space of 4 seconds. I never hear any voices so thats out of the equation. Yesterday at around 20:00 my deodorant can appeared to be thrown across my table and land on the floor,anyone i explain this to in detail and show them where it landed can never come up with a logical explanation. And then at around 3:00am I saw a shadow on the wall my window is on near my head and it did not move from that spot no matter how much light i shone there. (And everyone knows where the light shines you wont see shadow unless an object is blocking the lights direct path. So in knowing all of this can you PLEASE tell me what to do because I'm reallllyyy freaked out.

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