Texas Hardship licence | H E L P |?

Texas Hardship licence | H E L P |? Topic: Texas Hardship licence | H E L P |?
June 23, 2019 / By Dominique

Question: Hello okay so i was wondering do you think they will give me a hardship im 15 and i have my permit for about 6 months now and i am complete with my drivers ed course . my grandmother past a few months ago and she was a major financial provider for us, my mother and father are separated and both have jobs and i will be attending some type of vocational/ educational school in august. and i am in the process of getting a job( i kinda have a job helping my friends farm but doesn't pay much) to help relive some finical stress, but my classes will be in between the times that my parents are working and i will not have a ride to and from class . so with that being said can you please give me your opinion's and even suggestion please leave your negative and cowards comments to your self because they are not wanted here Thanks, Chase PS I will be going on Tuesday to apply wish me luck :)

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