8 month with horrible diaper rash?

8 month with horrible diaper rash? Topic: 8 month with horrible diaper rash?
June 23, 2019 / By Blondie

Question: He had his first diaper rash at 5.5 months, he has never gotten rid of it...the doctor told me at first it was a yeast infection so she gave him nystatin, that actually made the rash worse! He was bleeding and raw, so she said use triple paste, and I did and after the first time using it his rash was already 50% better....I told EVERYONE about this magical cream! but though the rash got better it has never fully cleared up...every time he goes to the dr i tell them but since its not raw then arent concerned...perhaps he was simply scarred from the rash and thats why it doesnt look like it cleared up? But he still gets really raw and bleeds alot, even though we are using the triple paste with EVERY diaper change...should we possibly see a specialist? is there a cream BETTER than triple paste? I have also tried to use desitin, baby powder, vaseline, and corn starch...

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